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Our Job is to Build the Ladder

There’s never really been truth to the view "build it they will come" , despite the popularity of the movie Field of Dreams. It IS a dream. However,last night, I heard a stronger, more vital metaphor.

Consider this---

The discussion started off when a questioner asked about low hanging fruit, another old business metaphor for business opportunities that were easily picked, with minimal resources.

The first panelist pointed out that in their view, the healthcare "fruit" was now harder to pick, higher in the tree, extending the old metaphor.

The second panelist response, rather than being intimidated or attempting to minimize the metaphoical challenge, was to take the positive view. “Our Job is to Build the Ladder”.

Why is that view more positive?

Simply because higher in the tree also means MORE fruit to pick, when you are there.

So, what’s the consultants job? Where do we add value?

By helping you build your ladder of success in the healthcare market you’re targeting!

Don’t just talk about it! Do it!

Be the success you want to be!

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