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IMC accelerates the development process and increases value through structured project records, product requirements, and risk management.

MORE    SOLUTIONS:   Medical Product Development Management

Product and Project
Cost Estimation
PMI Certified Program Management

IMC creates estimates for:

  • Customized product development

  • Project resource requirements

  • Schedule and cost

  • Required deliverables

  • IMC follows the Program Management structure of the Program Management Institute. 

  • Structured program control  is key to FDA and EN13485 regulated product development.

  • IMC creates a customized structure for you.

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MicroSoft Project
Gantt Scheduling
  • Schedules demonstrate structured program control.

  • Schedules show:

    • resource requirements

    • estimated costs

    • team tasks

    • milestone progress

  • IMC uses Microsoft Project and provides scheduling services as needed.

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